Roberto Carlos Garcia,


Quality Assurance Coordinator


My name is Roberto Carlos Garcia, I am the oldest of four. I have a BS in Psychology and a Masters of Ed in Human Relations. I been clean from drugs (cocaine, mushroom, acid, ecstasy, weed, pills) for almost thirteen years. I stopped when I was twenty years old. I have worked in the behavioral are for the past three years. I started working as an outreach specialist then I became a Peer Support Specialist Trainer as well and a Peer Support. This experience has given me the inside to meet and work with people who have different addictions or mental problems and has taught me to be able to work with them in their own pace. Also, what I believe has helped me is that I have taken some courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming in Mexico and that has given me more tools to work with people and see what they need to make a change in their lives. I hope this experience will help me to keep serving those who are in need.
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