Kinyarta Edwards,


Human Resources & DEI Manager


“I turned around and saw how far I have come. The path was not always straight, but even when I appeared to have digressed…there was always progress. There were times I intersected with another’s path…I retained, while learning to simultaneously release…then without force or plan, through life’s experience I grew; I learned to recognize forward movement; and I came to know progress.”-kew Kinyarta is a visionary and highly resourceful architect of life with a never-quit mindset. She has over 22 years of experience driving Human Resources strategy from an equity impact perspective, coaching executive leadership, and guiding change and organizational growth, with an emphasis on mindful communication and engagement. She is a self-professed Plant Mama… loves all things green, swoons to the tunes of the soulful sax, and is forever Beach Country.
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