Ian Ohler,


Justice Systems HROW


Over the course of Ian’s life he has witnessed the disparities and injustice related to drug policy and he is passionate about helping others caught in the system. In 2012, he got my start in case management/peer support at a local treatment center. From there, he worked in various positions in behavioral health throughout the state. In 2016 Ian branched out into working with teens in residential treatment centers, as well as working with teens in an outpatient setting. He became familiar with Sonoran Prevention Works in 2017 and was fascinated with the mission. SPW gave Ian the ability to learn new approaches and help in ways that weren’t being addressed at most behavioral health facilities. He was able to successfully implement harm reduction policies at several different agencies across Arizona with the resources and knowledge learned from SPW. Ian is excited to continue his mission of effecting positive change for those affected by drug policy in Arizona.