Tell us your story

Sharing your story is crucial in helping others understand harm reduction, reducing stigma and letting others know that there is hope and understanding. Your voice is important, and we’d like to share it on our blog if you feel comfortable. How has harm reduction impacted your life? What does harm reduction mean to you? Please remember to share your own personal experiences, not those of others.

Some tips on starting:

  • Submissions can be between 500-1500 words.
  • Make sure to include specific details to help your story come to life for others.
  • Imagine you are talking to someone in particular. That might be:
    • A friend, family member, lawmaker, doctor, police officer, etc.
    • Someone who needs encouragement
    • Someone who has supported you or people you know in making positive change.
    • Someone who doesn’t know what harm reduction is or has a different opinion on it
  • How might you talk to that person specifically? What questions would you answer or ask? What specifically things have you seen or heard or done that would connect to this person?

Remember: there is NO JUDGMENT on the content of stories you submit. You can write anonymously or with just a first name, or provide contact information. It’s up to you.