Shyla Noelle,


Executive Assistant


Shyla Noelle joined the wonderful team at Sonoran Prevention Works in June 2022. They have dabbled in a variety of fields and causes, mostly focusing on environmental conservation issues, applied theater, and community organizing. They worked in the service industry throughout and following university, while volunteering for community-building groups in Flagstaff. Shyla learned about harm reduction principles in late 2021 at an SPW volunteer event. They began helping to coordinate the monthly events, and saw their vision for the world reflected in SPW’s vision for Arizona. Shyla is thrilled to work with SPW toward justice, autonomy, and wellbeing from the inside out, starting with local community power. They now offer their communications and relational skills as Executive Assistant on the SPW team. They’re passionate about keeping changemakers healthy and supported while we push to new and more heart-centered possibilities in the world! Catch Shyla learning to believe in incremental positive change and self-care — and in their downtime, showing up on the trail, in the kitchen, at the neighborhood meeting, and in the company of their dear ones.