Shomari Jackson,


Community Engagement Manager


Shomari B. Jackson, MPA, has committed over 12 years advocating for equitable change in Arizona. Shomari has led local, state and national projects directed at increasing space, access, and equity for underserved communities, prioritizing non-white communities. He is the 2021 recipient of the Arizona Innovation in Health Equity Award and is an Adjunct Professor for Northern Arizona University’s School of Applied Human Behavior where he teaches Community Development and Sustainability as well as Inequality, Social Justice and Global Citizenship. Currently, Shomari leads the Community Health & Resiliency Program, a trauma informed community building project that develops Trauma Informed Communities in South Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Shomari’s dedication to serving, advocating, and creating change is driven by a desire to reshape the systems that have led to the constant loss he and others have experienced because of health inequities.
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