For Immediate Release: August 15, 2018
Contact: Sarah Fynmore, (480) 532-8768,

Phoenix, AZ – Sonoran Prevention Works (SPW) is pleased to announce that it has distributed over 100,000 Naloxone doses since January 2017, with 4,553 reported lives saved.

Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is an emergency response medication that is used to reverse an opioid overdose and was approved for layperson distribution in 2016. Sonoran Prevention Works has reached this benchmark in ensuring access to Naloxone through partnerships with AHCCCS, public health providers, community organizations, families, and individuals.

Not all reversals are reported, thus the reported amount of lives saved is conservative. Since June of 2017, the Arizona Department of Health Services reports that there have been 1,613 suspected opioid deaths, without Naloxone, this number could be incredibly higher. It is crucial to continue efforts to get this live saving medication out to those who need it.

The SPW team is thrilled to continue distributing naloxone across the state. Turiya Coll, SPW’s Northern Arizona Overdose Coordinator says, “It is refreshing to see us hit this landmark number, and at the same time I truly believe that until we have naloxone in the first aid kit of every home in AZ, in every person who uses drugs hands, we will continue to see overdose and death. Rural AZ is where my heart lies, and I will continue to advocate and educate and empower up here until we have ended overdose death!”

SPW operates the state’s largest free naloxone distribution and overdose prevention program offering education and resources to behavioral health agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, family members, and people who are at risk for overdose. Any organizations or individuals wishing to have naloxone on hand, please contact Sonoran Prevention Works today.