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We are always looking for volunteers to advocate for policies that reduce harm for people impacted by drug use! There are so many ways to get involved, contacting legislators, letters to the editor, organizing community events, assisting on social media campaigns, and more!

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One way you can get involved RIGHT NOW is to join us February 4th for Advocacy Day 2019!

Syringe Service Legislation will be on the docket this legislative session and representatives need to hear from YOU to help them understand how badly Arizona needs to to catch up on evidence based strategies! Join Sonoran Prevention Works and Addiction Haven on February 4th for Addiction and Recovery Advocacy Day 2019!

There are 30 legislative districts in Arizona, each with different contexts and cultures. To make sure every legislator recognizes what SSPs mean to their constituents we will deploy in advocacy teams from every district to come to the capitol and speak with their representative!

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We will coordinate teams of two:
one Arizonan with personal/family experience with HIV/AIDS or substance use and;
one conventionally trusted professional (faith leader, first responder, or medical professional).
The two don’t need to know each other prior, just need to be from the same district. They will meet at least once before the meeting with their representatives so it’s comfortable.

For anyone, meeting with a representative can feel intimidating, especially for someone who uses drugs. However, it is imperative that people with lived experience are in this conversation. If you or someone you know would like to share their story, we are uncompromisingly committed to making sure they are safe, empowered and have ownership over their story.

We will be providing advocacy trainings on how to use local data and target the message, resources, and talking points. We also will help to identify legislators, schedule meetings, and assistance with transportation. Goal is to make sure all advocates feel ready, informed and empowered!

Should you have any questions please contact or

Register for Advocacy Day