Since 2014, Sonoran Prevention Works has been working towards removing barriers and ending health disparities in Arizona.

We provide community workshops, trainings, referrals, consultation, and risk reduction materials to individuals, families, and organizations in order to prevent HIV, Hepatitis C, overdose, and the perpetuation of stigma. SPW organizes syringe cleanups and also offers free condoms and naloxone to people at risk of overdose. We rely on a network of committed volunteers and partners throughout the state to improve community health.

Training & Workshops

Sonoran Prevention Works offers free workshops and trainings on overdose prevention, recognition, and response and naloxone use. We also conduct trainings on various other topics, including: Intro to Harm Reduction, Needlestick Prevention, Harm Reduction as a Clinical Intervention, Injection-Related Wound Care, Hepatitis C, Injection Drug Use Cultural Competency, and Stigma. These trainings are offered to service providers, friends & family members of drug users, and of course to people who use drugs. Contact us for pricing.

Syringe Cleanup

Sonoran Prevention Works offers syringe cleanup service in the Phoenix area. We collect them on the streets, in the community, or at your door to keep the Valley safe from accidental needle-sticks. There is a lack of free public sharps disposal in Phoenix, leaving individuals with few safe options for to discard used or found syringes. We attempt to fill that gap. If you are in need of sharps disposal for personal use, we will pick them up for free. If you would like a neighborhood cleanup or consultation, contact us for pricing.

Risk Reduction Kits & Condoms

We provide free risk reduction kits to community organizations and individuals to prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C, and to encourage safer practices. Recognizing that the spread of STIs and HIV continue to rise due to difficulty accessing condoms or misunderstandings about their use, we offer a variety of safer sex supplies, including male and female condoms, lubrication, and dental dams. Contact us for locations to pick up kits and condoms, or to begin offering kits or condoms at your agency.


We maintain a hotline where we schedule appointments to come bring you kits, as well as answering any questions pertaining to risk reduction, including how to dispose of equipment safely, where to get an HIV/Hepatitis C test, how to care for soft tissue wounds, overdose prevention, etc. That number is (480) 442-7086.


Naloxone is the life-saving medication that makes the difference between life and death in the event of an accidental opioid overdose. SPW facilitates the largest free naloxone distribution network in the state, ensuring that naloxone is available to Arizonans at risk of overdose in every county and on all tribal lands.

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